booster rating 4,9 (64)
Working as booster since beta.I have a huge experience in boosting, I played a lot of tournaments,I have a great respect from players from the pro scene,I can also teach you different tips in the game,if you want a quick and high-quality boost I am at your service..
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booster rating 4,94
Customer reviews
64 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG DamageWinrate
Phoenix12 21,33 11,25 4,92 2,33 3 922,92 / game 83,33%
Raze10 20,4 13,6 5,2 1,88 4 064,2 / game 90,0%
Jett5 24,0 13,2 3,6 2,09 4 239,2 / game 100,0%
Reyna3 20,33 13,33 3,33 1,77 3 578,33 / game 66,67%
Viper2 17,5 9,0 1,5 2,11 3 032,5 / game 50,0%
Ranked Statistics
Coaching duration
25 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
50 €
5 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about InFernal
5 mars 2023
Diamond III to Ascendant I
15 feb. 2023
Platinum I to Platinum II
11 feb. 2023
Platinum II to Platinum III
fast and friendly
fast and friendly
2 feb. 2023
Bronze III to Silver I
27 jan. 2023
Gold II to Platinum I
Very "God"
Very "God" Player ;)
4 jan. 2023
Platinum III to Diamond II
very fast
very fast and nice
3 jan. 2023
1 wins in Platinum III
Very good
Very good
17 dec. 2022
1 wins in Immortal
15 dec. 2022
Diamond II to Ascendant I
Won every
Won every single game, booster is very skilled, reliable, and communicates! Highly recommend!
11 nov. 2022
Diamond II to Ascendant I
Soooo goood booster
Soooo goood booster
10 nov. 2022
Bronze II to Platinum II
Perfect Service,
Perfect Service, Very kind, and overall just a chill dude. This guy spent over 6+ hours doing my order so I didn't have to wait the days. Absolute Legend. This should be your booster.
19 okt. 2022
1 Placement matches Gold II
very fast
very fast and very cool
28 sep. 2022
Platinum II to Diamond I
They completed
They completed my order extremely fast and with amazing scores! Highly recommend
25 sep. 2022
Platinum I to Platinum III
Amazing fast
Amazing fast and awesome
22 sep. 2022
Platinum II to Platinum III
Very friendly,
Very friendly, communicative, fast
9 sep. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
Best booster,
Best booster, fastest imm to rad out there
25 aug. 2022
Ascendant III to Immortal
Very great,
Very great, and fast service, thank you.
21 aug. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
best booster
best booster too fast
15 aug. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
crazy fast,
crazy fast, DEF recommend this guy!
8 aug. 2022
Ascendant II to Immortal
best if
best if the best there is out there to be honest.
26 juli 2022
Immortal to Immortal
This booster infernal is terrible.. this guy promised to finish my order the day before and he logs on very late the next day, tells me he is going to play after he eats, I said no worries just let me know when you start and the I check up on him cause he hasnt said anything and I find out he drops my order without saying a word.. very unprofessional and not a man of his word.. broken promises all around.. I would never recommend him to anyone in case you are willing to waiting for him and then find out he just drops your order.. I even paid for priority and this happens super unhappy with the way things are getting ran over here
26 juli 2022
1 wins in Diamond II
very nice
very nice and helpful
20 juli 2022
Diamond II to Diamond III
Nice and fast
Nice and fast
16 juli 2022
Immortal to Immortal