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Hello Im fekky , i've been playing league since season 5(euw). and i really do 100% efforts on the orders that i take with being positive of course ..
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54 reviews
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Hecarim14 8,43 3,0 6,21 4,88 133,0 / game 92,86%
MasterYi8 10,75 4,63 4,75 3,35 136,88 / game 87,5%
Darius5 9,2 6,4 5,4 2,28 163,8 / game 100,0%
MonkeyKing3 11,33 2,67 2,67 5,25 153,67 / game 100,0%
Amumu3 5,33 2,67 5,67 4,13 169,67 / game 100,0%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Fekky
14 nov. 2022
League of Legends account
Quick response
Quick response and no problem
12 nov. 2022
Silver I to Gold III
Very friendly
Very friendly and knows what he is doing in the jungle. I ordered from silver1 to gold III but since the MMR was so good. He lifted me from Gold iV to Gold II :-)
24 okt. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
1 sep. 2022
League of Legends account
Great seller.
Great seller. Account delivered very fast. Quick contact. I can only recommend! Many thanks !
18 aug. 2022
League of Legends account
no problems,
no problems, everything as expected
9 aug. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
Purchased a
Purchased a Duo Q boost to Gold IV from Silver II and the booster was very friendly and knowledgable, even game me some tips and pointers for the games. The games also significantly boosted my MMR and I did not even have to do promos for Gold IV. Would definitely opt for this booster in the future.
15 juli 2022
League of Legends account
14 juli 2022
10 Placement matches Unranked
He smashed
He smashed it! 9 wins 1 lose! awesome guy and worked hard
12 juli 2022
Silver II to Silver I
Best ADC
Best ADC ever, he's sooo goooood
21 juni 2022
7 wins in Bronze I
Amazing guy,
Amazing guy, really funny and so greatful with Jinx/kaisa :D All i can say is : Thank you so much. 7 Wins in bronze
14 apr. 2022
Gold II to Platinum IV
he did
he did his job flawlessly there were some conflicts from my end but he managed it very professionaly
14 jan. 2022
29 to 30
Good booster
Good booster
8 jan. 2022
10 Placement matches Silver I
3 nov. 2021
2 wins in Silver IV
Cool person
Cool person and realy frendly was 2 realy good game i hope i will replay with you
2 nov. 2021
Silver II to Gold IV
Great guy,
Great guy, good it done quick and he was very nice, also gave some tipd trough the games :D
2 okt. 2021
Silver IV to Gold III
Fantastic and fast
Fantastic and fast
28 sep. 2021
8 Placement matches Unranked
fantastic person
fantastic person and player, great job
18 sep. 2021
10 Placement matches Unranked
10/0 what
10/0 what else is there to say really. superior speed and quality.
2 aug. 2021
4 wins in Silver I
Complete State
Complete State of the Art - an Allround Talent, nice Top - good Mid - awesome Jungle. You should see his Hecarim Skills! Recommended.
2 aug. 2021
2 wins in Silver II
Really communicative
Really communicative & awesome mate. Did his job as fast as possible and is very kind. Recommended!
27 maj 2021
Bronze IV to Bronze I
Awesome dude,
Awesome dude, really good fun to play with!
23 maj 2021
10 Placement matches Unranked
just perfect...
just perfect... :) There was a lot of fun
19 maj 2021
Silver IV to Silver III
Nothing to
Nothing to say, just perfect.
27 mars 2021
League of Legends account
Its good
Its good